Have you got all the gear you need to winch sideways?

How many times have you been out exploring in your 4WD, when you find yourself attacking a rock climb on a bad angle, and you just about crap your duds, when your truck feels like its about to roll over?? .. Well if your like me, with a lifted truck on big rubber, you’ve probably wished that you could swing your truck around a little straighter, to make the climber easier and safer for your pride and joy, so she doesn’t end up laying down on her side for a nap. But on tight tracks or close to cliff edges, its not always possible. Or is it ?.. Thing is, you probably already have the right equipment to make it happen, it just takes a few extra moments to set up and a couple of brain cells, and you can look like a winching professional and make sure everyone gets through safely. Check out this winching sideways clip..