About Us

At OzOffroad we believe that every 4WD owner and Aussie adventurer should have access to quality camping gear and vehicle accessories, to make their adventure the best it can be, without costing a fortune. We have taken the time to search both locally and internationally, for the best value manufacturers to source our range of aftermarket products from, so that you can be assured that the gear you purchase is great value for money and ready for your adventure. Our trip articles provide access to research material for your trip preparation and our member’s only 4WD days and trips offer real world, tag along access, to fun 4WDing, and meeting up with like-minded people.

Our team at OzOffroad has a commitment to building our range with quality, value for money products that offer affordable choice in the Australian market. We will continue to build our range and bring to our customers only the products we are happy to stand behind and have seen tested, to suit the tough Aussie conditions.

OzOffroad freights Australia wide. Please see our T&C’s, Returns Policy, Shipping Advice and Privacy Policy for further information.

OzOffroad also wishes to clarify that any trademarks owned by vehicle manufacturers or images of entire vehicles on this website are intended only to indicate that the product for sale is suitable for that particular make of vehicle or similar vehicle. Use of third party trademarks or images of vehicles are not intended to indicate any association with, sponsorship by or approval of the manufacturer of the vehicle or the owner of the trade marks.